Workers’ Compensation

Merkle Law Firm represents people who have been injured on the job. If you have been injured in the workplace, you have the right to seek reparations for your injuries. In order to receive full compensation, it is important to seek the legal assistance that Merkle Law Firm provides when filing a workers' compensation claim.

How we handle workers' compensation claims

Our team will work with you to make sure your workers' compensation claim is handled fairly and in a timely manner. We take fast action to ensure your employer and its workers' compensation insurance company pay your benefits fairly. Whether you are filing a workers’ comp claim or your claim has been delayed or denied, contact Merkle Law Firm today for the legal advice you need.

Thousands of people are injured on the job each year.  On average, 10% decide to consult a legal expert. Don’t be a statistic; contact us to make sure you get what you rightfully deserve.

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