$40,000.00 – Jury Verdict.

Our client suffered whiplash back injuries in an auto collision. A settlement was reached with the driver of the vehicle causing the collision for the insurance policy limits. Another claim was made against our client’s Under Insured Motorist insurance coverage. The case was tried before a jury on the Under Insured Motorist claim.

$55,000.00 – Settlement by Mediation.

Our client suffered an injury to her arm and wrist when she slipped and fell on an ice-covered sidewalk after a snowstorm. Our firm made a claim against the commercial insurance policies of two businesses that failed to remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk.

$67,500.00 – Negotiated Settlement.

A property owner drained water from a sump pump hose across a city sidewalk, creating a slippery and dangerous condition. Our client sustained a wrist injury when she slipped and fell on the sidewalk. Merkle Law Firm negotiated a settlement against the property owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

$75,000.00 – Negotiated Settlement.

A passenger suffered aggravated low back and whiplash injuries in an auto collision. Merkle Law Firm settled for the insurance policy limits of the offending driver, but that amount did not cover all the damages to our client. The vehicle in which our client was a passenger carried Under Insured Motorist insurance coverage, and we made a claim against that insurance policy to pay the remaining damages.

$95,000.00 – Negotiated Settlement.

A 70-year-old lady slipped on water near a cooler in a truck stop in Columbia, Missouri. She sustained an aggravation to a prior injury to her knee. Our client’s doctor had recommended a knee replacement prior to the fall, but he provided a medical opinion stating the fall at the truck stop accelerated the need for the knee replacement. A settlement was obtained from the truck stop’s commercial liability insurance.

$105,000.00 – Settlement by Mediation.

A Sudanese immigrant in his early 30s suffered a broken leg when his landlord failed to properly repair a sliding glass door. The door fell on him, knocking him over the railing of his third-floor apartment balcony. Our firm obtained a settlement from the landlord’s commercial insurance company.

$110,000.00 – Negotiated Settlement.

A man in his early 30s suffered whiplash neck injuries in an automobile collision. He could no longer perform the duties of an auto mechanic, and he was forced to change his occupation.

$124,000.00 – Negotiated Settlement.

A delivery employee slipped and fell on ice injuring his shoulder while making a delivery to a grocery store. The fall occurred in the parking lot of the store where deliveries are supposed to be made. A combined settlement was obtained from the store’s commercial liability insurance for the store’s failure to maintain a safe premise, along with the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

$125,000.00 – Negotiated Settlement.

A road construction crew went to a bar; and after a night of drinking, they attempted to drive home. One of them crawled onto the hood of the company truck as it sped down the road at 80 mph, and he was thrown off as it rounded a curve. He was killed instantly. The blood alcohol content of both the driver and the man killed was more than twice the legal limit. Merkle Law Firm represented the estate of the man who was killed and obtained a settlement from the employer construction company for its negligence in allowing a known DUI felon to drive its company vehicle.