It has been a privilege to call Bret Merkle my attorney and friend. I would give him the highest recommendation as a professional who truly understands the field of law.  His excellent skills cover a variety of areas, and his unassuming manner puts his clients at ease.  If you need a lawyer who will communicate with you clearly, respond in a timely manner, represent you and your situation fairly, and also is a good value for your investment, call Merkle Law Firm.
-Gaylon L.
I have had the pleasure of working with Bret from the Merkle Law Firm since 2010. I would recommend him without hesitation.  He is an attorney who truly cares and will take the time to get to know and understand you and your unique situation.  Bret has a ‘wisdom’ that comes from above, and we have appreciated his recommendations.  They have proven to be ‘on the mark.’ His genuineness is just that—truly genuine.  We have worked with him in a variety of situations, but in particular he has helped us to implement our long term goals in estate planning.
-Karla L.
I have worked as a Mediator and Arbitrator for over 20 years in the State of South Dakota and also in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.  I have presided over 1200 Mediations and Arbitrations.  I mediated many cases for Merkle Law Firm.  Bret Merkle and his staff do and excellent job presenting cases at Mediation.  Bret is a skilled trial lawyer who knows how to win for his clients.  My experience has been that Merkle Law Firm obtains maximum results for their clients.
-T.F. Martin, Licensed Professional Mediator & Arbitrator
No words can express how grateful I am to have had a man like Bret and his staff from Merkle Law Firm in my corner fighting for me through such a difficult time in my life. With his knowledge, hard work and persistence, Bret was able to obtain the settlement I deserved to be able to write the next chapter of my life. A simple thank you is just not enough for all he has done for me and my future.
-Tanya A.
Merkle Law Firm was great to work with regarding our work comp case. Bret was prompt, reliable, and especially knowledgeable about legal matters regarding our case.   We were both confident in him and thankful to be represented by Bret and Merkle Law Firm.
-Gary & Brenda M.
Bret Merkle, my attorney, helped me with my lawsuit. Bret went to bat for me and did a fantastic job. I am so happy with him he won my case for me and I am very happy with the settlement he got for me. I would definitely recommend him for any of your legal needs.
-Diane L.
I was very fortunate to find Merkle law.  Bret was very attentive to me and gave me options for my circumstance.
-Joni T.
I can see why there are so many positive reviews for Merkle Law Firm. Bret is a very caring and competent attorney.  I am thankful for his excellent representation of me in my time of need.  I hope I don’t need a lawyer in the future but if I do, Bret will be the one I call.
-Ben J.
Hiring Bret Merkle was one of the best decisions I have made. He has helped us every step of the way.  Bret and his team answered all our questions timely and professionally and with such a caring attitude.  We are very pleased and will seek Bret’s help again if we are in need of legal representation.
-Mike J.
Merkle Law Firm helped my family when we were in a car accident.  They explained our legal rights and answered our questions.  Bret and his staff fought hard for us to win our case and we are very grateful.
-Jorge P.
Merkle Law was great.  Bret Merkle was professional, effective, and courteous.  The team at Merkle Law was able to provide guidance and a solution.  Their caring personability helped make a traumatic situation more bearable.
-Ron T.
I have had the pleasure of working with Merkle Law Firm several times over the years. It did not matter if it was a small litigation or a large/lengthy case – Bret and his staff gave courteous customer service, returned my calls promptly and fought hard for my interests every time.
-Jana G.
I used Merkle Law Firm's assistance and am proud to say Bret and his staff were extremely helpful and were readily available to answer questions and concerns about my case.  Bret is a caring person and understands your situation.
-Karen E.
The folks at Merkle Law Firm handled our case with patience and determination to get us the best settlement. Their Godly attitude and kindness helped us in many ways. Thanks again and God bless.
-Joel B.
The team at Merkle Law Firm is highly qualified and very professional. I have nothing but admiration for them. We were very humbled by the large settlement our son received due to a pedestrian/auto accident.
-Mary R.