Wrongful Death

Many people turn to Merkle Law Firm for representation when a loved one has died through the wrongdoing, irresponsibility, or neglect of others. It is important for immediate family members to seek legal assistance when a wrongful death occurs in order to establish negligence and rightful compensation. Certain laws protect families of wrongful death victims, allowing them to file claims against negligent parties. Wrongful death claims may include medical bills, lost income, funeral expenses, and more.

Losing a loved one is difficult, especially when it is the result of wrongdoing or negligence. Our team understands the problems families face when dealing with these circumstances. We represent the estate of the victim and work diligently with the victim’s family when handling all insurance claims and legal matters.

If your family is questioning a case of wrongful death, don't hesitate. Contact Merkle Law Firm to make sure your family and your loved one's estate are protected.

Wrongful Death in South Dakota

Wrongful death cases make up 15% of all legal cases in the U.S. In South Dakota, there is an average of 10 wrongful death cases a year. Victims and their families have rights to protection and compensation. Contact us for more information.

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